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President & CEO: Samuel Foster

After working in several large systems integration companies, Samuel Foster founded FosterSoft, Inc., a mission-oriented business focused on enterprise data management, systems engineering, and business consulting and services.

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Foster’s primary focus and responsibilities are in the areas of technology, business development, finance, and administration. Mr. Foster, a recognized expert in his field, is consulted by international firms and has led FosterSoft to deliver solutions on a global level by equipping countries in Eastern Europe with e-Transformation and Business Process Reengineering. He is also consulted by companies on Wall Street and industry leaders such as the Gartner Group for his professional opinions and technological solutions. An addition to his passion for technology, Mr. Foster is a strong advocate for cancer research and is active with Georgetown University’s Lombardi Cancer Center, where he holds a chair on the Corporate Executive Committee for the Lombardi Gala.

Our Competitive Difference

We differentiate ourselves by first understanding the customer’s business needs. In doing so, we offer unparalleled customer service in delivering technological solutions. Our clients have direct access to executive management and face-to-face interaction.

Knowledge Base
Our consultants understand the unique relationship between business performance and technological solutions and how that relationship can be maximized toward profitability. Most of our consultants hold certifications.

Highly Effective Staffing Model
FosterSoft utilizes a highly effective staffing model to provide a quick-to-market workforce while maintaining a diverse background. This model has proven successes in all areas of staffing, especially where specialized skill sets are required.

We aim to seamlessly integrate our workforce with our client’s IT department and by collaborating and partnering with organizations that have the finest reputations for quality and service. Every employee is committed to providing the most effective and efficient solutions to satisfy our customer’s business needs. We take pride in holding ourself accountable to our customers, shareholders, and partners by honoring commitments and striving for the highest quality.

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