FosterSoft’s Current Interns (June 2016)

While FosterSoft puts a large emphasis on our big clients such as the NIH and FTC, we also greatly value youth and in doing so we bring forth interns through FosterSoft Academy to join our team. This is important to us because younger generations are the faces of the future. We therefore believe that their individual skillsets and areas of expertise will provide us with new perspectives that will aid us in the betterment of this company. The names of our interns are Samira Foster and Vanessa Kaendera. Samira has been a summer intern for the past two years and is now a rising sophomore at Elon University (located in North Carolina). She has a major in Psychology along with two minors in Communications and Entrepreneurship. Samira has gained work experience throughout her college career in the areas of public relations and event analysis. Samira is therefore our Social Media Intern. For the duration of the summer her goal is to revamp FosterSoft’s social media presence in order to target a larger audience and bring in more clients. Vanessa on the other hand started working here in October of 2015 and has been here since then. She received both her L.L.B and L.L.M from the University of Glamorgan (located in the United Kingdom). Vanessa has work experience with proposals and recruiting. With that being said, she has worked with several law firms where she focused specifically on business law. Seeking a change in career path she sought out FosterSoft, Inc. where she currently works on data migration, Microsoft Dynamics, MS 365, and cloud computing. Vanessa is therefore our Technology Intern. We are so excited to have them on our team!