FosterSoft Inc. Visits Iron Mountain Underground

FosterSoft’s President and CEO, Samual Foster, attended an executive briefing held by Iron Mountain at one of the company’s underground facilities on August 7, 2014. The event hosted by Iron Mountain’s Tom Benjamin, Solution Development Executive – Vital Records, guides the educational tour to promote the benefits of protecting data in an ideal environment for optimal preservation.

The tour was conducted in a high-security storage facility, formerly a limestone mine. It began storing records in 1954 and was purchased by Iron Mountain in 1998. Bill Gates stores his Corbis photographic collection in a refrigerated cave 220 feet underground. Nearby, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management leases another underground cavern to store, and process government employee retirement papers. The repository encompasses 1.7 million square feet of developed space and serves 2,300 customers in 43 states and three continents.

FosterSoft recognizes the importance of record and data protection – participating in the event to gain further understanding of the current-day challenges organizations encounter to safely preserve classified materials, historical achieves, fragile documents and compromised digital data.