4 Interns, 3 Months, 1 Objective

Four new members have joined the FosterSoft team for the summer. The four interns have grouped together with their own objectives to help advance FosterSoft Inc. on many levels while gaining hands on, workplace experience. Included in these endeavors are two technical interns, Preeti and Nick, who are currently focused on cloud computing and migration plans. Then there is Morgan, the social media intern, who is determined to update FosterSoft Inc. social media participation and marketing. Finally, Emalea, the policy intern, has been putting her efforts into the governance and set policies of cloud computing. The interns are all excited for what this opportunity will bring them throughout the summer.

Pictured: (Top Left to Right) Nick Wentz, Morgan Fridie (Bottom Left to Right) Emalea Helisek, Preeti Lakhole